Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions.


I'm not very flexible/ I'm not very strong so can I do yoga?

Yoga is not just for the bendy or the buff. There is a Yoga practice

for everyone and while many of the classes will increase strength and

flexibility, it can also just simply be about moving, breathing, quieting the mind and getting to know your body.


Which class should I take first?

If you have never done Yoga before and are nervous, dealing with an injury or haven't worked out in a while, we recommend you start in the Gentle or Stretch class. If you are new to Yoga but have a regular exercise routine, the Basics class may be appropriate. Once you are comfortable in a Basics class you can explore the Basics Plus, Mixed Level or All Levels, and once you feel good there try out an Intermediate, Power Hour or possibly Advanced. The Restorative, Yoga Stretch and Gentle classes are wonderful not only for newer students, but also if you seek relaxation or stress reduction. 

How many classes should I take per week?

We recommend 3-5 times a week. As with any practice, doing it regularly is the key. However, even once a week is helpful and simply doing some stretches or deep breathing on your own for five minutes a day will increase the benefits.

How do I sign up?

All of our classes are on-going with no pre-registration required. Just find the class you want on the schedule and show up! For your first time, we do recommend arriving about 15 minutes early to fill out the new student form, talk to the teacher about any physical limitations that you may have and get set up for class.


What if I have an injury?

Let the teacher know prior to class and they will be able to modify poses or even suggest alternatives that can help to alleviate the pain and encourage healing.  The most important thing is to listen to your body and if something hurts or doesn't feel right, stop and let the teacher know.


What is a community class?  Do I have to live in a particular area?

Community classes are our way of giving back to all of our students. Same great class as any other, just cheaper. (Community classes are marked $9 on the schedule.)


I can't do what everyone else can, is this right for me?

Every body is different so the odds are no two poses will look the same. Honor your body and just do what feels good. If it does not feel good, ask the teacher for help.

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